The Account Management screen is used to manage details regarding your VHT Callback® cloud account. Here you can see your available account balance, choose to enable the top off feature, sign up for account balance notifications, and update, add, or remove credit card information.

Account Balance

The Account Balance section allows you to see the available funds in your account. If selected, it will also provide you with a reminder message of topping off your account with additional funds when your account balance reaches a predetermined amount.

Finally, if you did not choose to use our automatic top off option, here is where you can add funds to your account manually.

Practice it: Follow the steps on how to Manually Add Funds to your account.


The Auto-Pay section allows you to add funds to your account automatically when the balance reaches a predetermined amount. If chosen, a reminder message will appear in the account balance option.

Practice it: Follow these steps on how to Enable the Auto Pay feature for your account.

Account Balance Notifications

The Account Balance Notifications section allows you to receive an email reminder when your account balance goes below a predetermined amount. This is especially helpful to use when you are manually putting funds into your account instead of using the automatic top off option.

Practice it: Follow these steps on how to Receive Account Balance Notifications.

Credit Card Information

The Credit Card Information section allows you to:

  • Add additional cards to your account.
  • Remove an existing card from your account because it is no longer active.
  • Choose a default card to use when there are two or more cards associated to your account.

A credit card will be marked as expired if the expiration date of the card has passed. If the expired card is a default card, the default option, if applicable, will move to the next valid card. When a card expires, an email notification will be sent to the account administrator detailing the steps the system took to keep the pay as you go account active.

NOTE: The VHT Callback cloud instance does not store any credit card information in its database.

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