Callback Status provides real time updates for the Call Targets found in your VHT Callback® cloud instance. The following updates are provided for each Call Target:

No Category Filter – This button allows you to filter the Callback Status page by reporting categories. Reporting categories are configured on the Call Target page.

Call Target – Identifies the Call Target.

First Party – Identifies the callback strategy associated with each Call Target.

Current ECBT – Displays the current estimated callback time for each Call Target. Values are displayed in the HH:MM:SS format.

Calls Requested – Total number of callbacks requested and awaiting callback for a particular call target.

Calls Waitlisted – Displays the number of calls that were not processed for one reason or another. Instead they were added to an internal list to launch when conditions within the system are favorable.

Calls in Queue/Max – Displays the number of calls currently in the call target queue awaiting connection in relationship to the maximum number of calls allowed in queue at any given time.

Active Calls/Max – Displays the number of simultaneous calls connected in a call target in relationship to the maximum number of active calls allowed at any given time.

Total Calls Today – Displays the total number of calls today.

NOTE: In the following image, the top four rows show an active call target, including the current estimated callback time (ECBT). The bottom row shows a disabled call target, which does not display an ECBT, but two hyphens (–).

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