How do I add an Interaction to the VHT Callback cloud System?

Add Interactions

Adding an interaction is the first step in creating an SMS dialog with your customers. Here you are defining what the interaction is called and the appropriate options available to the customer. The following steps are used in creating your SMS Interaction:

Step 1: Select Interaction > Add New Interaction from the side configuration menu.
Step 2: Enter the Name of the Interaction. The name will be used when assigning the interaction to either a phone number or a widget.
Step 3: Enter the Question/Prompt: that will be displayed to the customer.
Step 4: Click + Add new response option. This will provide an area to add a response option to include a next step.
Step 5: Type the Response Option to your question or prompt.
Step 6: Select the best Next Step option for your response.  This step provides different options for guiding your customers.  Here you have the choice to send them to a configured call target or you can add an additional step to the Interaction and send them there as well.  Using the Add New Step option will force you to create an additional Interaction Step with response items.
Step 7: Click + Add new response option to keep adding responses to the Interaction step.
Step 8: Click  Delete to remove a response option.
Step 9: Click Save Changes at any time to save your work in progress.
Step 10: Click Publish to make the Interaction available on the live site.

How do I Delete an Interaction from the VHT Callback Cloud System?

Delete Interactions

Perform the following steps to delete an Interaction:

Step 1: Click X Delete in the upper right hand corner of the page.
Step 2: Click Delete Interaction to confirm deletion.
Step 3: Refresh browser and the Interaction will be removed.

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What's next?

Learn about phone numbers in the next tutorial. The Phone Numbers page is where phone numbers are provisioned to an organization and assigned to an active Call Target or SMS interaction.