The Media page provides administrators and managers with the opportunity to customize the audio experience for customers. Choose between using the default audio files that come with a VHT Callback® cloud instance, or upload a customized file.

Managers can also add Media Sets here. Media Sets contain a set of customized audio prompts that can be applied to as many Call Targets within the organization as needed.

Prompt Categories

Default media prompts are separated and available in the following categories. Click here to download an Excel file containing the complete list of default media prompts.

  • Registration- These prompts are used when a caller is registering for a callback through the VHT Callback cloud product.
  • Connecting Customer- These prompts are used during customer callback and while connecting with an agent.
  • Connecting Agent- These prompts are used during an Agent First callback and while connecting an agent to a customer.
  • Utility- Additional media prompt options that are available through the system. These prompts bridge date/time and numbers together.
  • Date/Time- These prompts are used when days of the week and high-level times such as morning and afternoon are needed.
  • Numbers- These prompts play numbers 1-20, 30, 40, 50 , 60 , 70, 80, and 90.
  • Metadata – These prompts are for adding additional items that businesses want to provide to customers.
  • Custom Metadata – The prompts displayed here have been previously created by the user.

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Prompt Overview

The following areas are found in each prompt window:

  1. Prompt Name – Click Play next to the name to hear the audio that is associated with it.
  2. Audio Type – Displays the type of audio that is assigned to the prompt.
  3. Description – A brief description of the audio prompt.
  4. Text to Speech – If no audio, the text to speech configuration will play.
  5. Only played when – This only plays if Offer Callback is active for the call target.
  6. Default File – Displays the default audio file that will be played. Click the file to open in another window.
  7. Choose File to Replace Audio – This button and drag area is where users can add customized audio.
NOTE: When adding customized audio, 8kHz, Mono, 16bit .wav files are the most efficient to use; although, the system will play higher bit rate files as well.

Audio Types

  • Default Audio Default audio is configured to play.
  • Custom Audio A customized audio has been uploaded and configured to play.
  • No Audio No audio is assigned to the prompt and, if configured, Text to Speech audio will play.

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